No. 2 - Super Hexagon -

Created by Terry Cavanagh, You are a little arrow (Triangle) trying to avoid lines. It may sound simple, but play it and you'll see how hard it is. The game tricks you, by closing pathways, and changing shapes. At first, you start at hard, harder, and hardest, and you have to unlock the rest of the levels. It can get trippy though, and it spins round and round and changing colours. Now, that is crazy!
Super Hexagon Trailer-001:17

Super Hexagon Trailer-0

Super Hexagon Trailer

 No. 1 - The World's Hardest Game - Now, you can tell by the title - this has to be in first place. There are many different versions, but let's just explain the game. It sound's simple, but trust me, it's hard. You are a red box, trying to avoid blue circles, and collect blue circles (Points) and escape the level. Play it for your self, and you'll know how hard it is.
The World's Hardest Game - death Speed Run 6 2906:40

The World's Hardest Game - death Speed Run 6 29

The World's Hardest Game Speedrun

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